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Thursday, 22 September 2005
Withdrawl from Gaza
18 August 2005 12:38 CDT | The Elect You will not understand this post unless you first read the post bellow Israels Withdrawl From Gaza I know it must be a very disturbing thing to be forced from a place you call home. The fact is those living in those settlements were in the way. In the way of what you ask? Their in the way of the fleeing Palestinians. I'm sure your thinking I'm a bit loony about now. The Palestinians aren't fleeing. Well, no not yet their not. If you read my last entry, and you are starting to believe what I believe, in that Isaiah chapter 33 K.J.v. is about to come true or is in the process of coming true. Then you will understand that the Lord, like a catterpiller is about to gobble up some land and about to put a fire on top a bunch of trouble makers, transgressors of The Law, is what he calls them. Unfortunately if their were any Innocent people in Gaza, which I doubt if there's many, they'll have to reap the same rewards as those that brought this upon themselves because their troublemakers have no regard for thier fellow man nor thier own cities. When America retaliates for the next bombings the Palestinians in Gaza and probably the West Bank as well, will need an exit. Egypt does not want those trouble makers there and Jordan definitely don't want them there, as they had to kick them out once before. That only leaves them one route and that is through The Plain of Sharon, to Lebanon. That is where the Lord is going to slay a good number of the Palestinian, is what I believe. So you can see where there would be a need to pull those Jews there out of the way. If your an Israeli living in one of those settlements you wont want to be living there when America pulls out of Iraq, when we cease to spoil those who did not spoil us. If I were a betting man I'd wager that the deeds to those property's haven't even been changed nor or they likely to be. At the very least there will be a copy kept in some registry. In fact there probably getting ready to make up deeds for the rest of Gaza. You think I'm way off the beam? Then ask yourselves why a hardliner like Prime Minister Sharon, after all these years of encouraging settlers to settle there, now wants them all out of there. If you think it is something President George Bush has talked them into, then it's an achievement that a whole list of other Presidents couldn't do. If you say it's because they can protect themselves better, I say hog wash to that, it leaves them more vulnerable then ever before ask any strategist of that region. It gives them a sea port and they are running lots of military equipment in now. If you say it just to show a sign of peace to the Palestinians, Then I say it would be 180 degree about face from what Prime Minister Sharon ever said before about giving up the settlements without the Palestinians showing some restraint from their murderous ways. What was Abbas the Palestinian Leaders reply to this show of peace? Today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem. So, do you still think that a man like Sharon would give up those settlements under threats like that? There's no doubt in my mind that our Secret Agencies has shared the prophecy of Isaiah chpt.33 with Israel along with other leads derived from the prophecy and it is the Lord whom has convinced Prime Minister Sharon to get his people out of the way. So in closing if you were one of those settlers, don't be discouraged. Not only will you get your property back but you will be getting new neighbors, that are sane. Ohh, I forgot to mention the Palestinians aren't the onliest ones to get a taste of Americas wrath. The Iranians will be stomped into the ground, I think is the way the Lord put it but that is for another Prophecy. Which I will adress eventually I incourage any response, argument or dispute. signed, The Elect.

Posted by The Elect at 5:54 PM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 1 October 2005 10:34 PM CDT

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