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Monday, 13 March 2006

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I hadn't planned on making an entry so soon but recent news has compelled me to do so. As you know from an earlier entry, that it is that I thought that the 8th chapter of Daniel was not talking of Alexander the great but was instead talking about America and Iran. Some people may get the idea when a nations people go out into the street calling for a Holy War, that the nation they call for a Holy War on, might ought to take the threat like, well, a call for War. Then this same nation, Iran's newly elected President says he's going to put the hurts and pain on the United States. Well, to me that sounds a lot like a declaration of War. Yet, I have heard no response from this White House, other then have Condon Lezza Rice declare to the world that millions in charity should be given to Ham'mas and billions should go to the other Moslem nations in that region of the world. The President and our ambassadors don't want the terrorist to go hungry. It's hard work and takes a lot of money for the guns and bombs they will need to kill the Jews and Christians off with. Can't very well expect them to go hungry as well. I don't know what kind of advisor's the President has to console him but if they can stay out of prison long enough, maybe one of them might point out to the President that a Major Middle Eastern Nation threatened us. Maybe his advisor's main job is to keep the President up to date on Red Tag Specials, probably returning unbought merchandise is the main concern of the Presidents men. I will admit that I could be all wrong about President Bush Jr. being the one whom attacks Iran, but I for one thinks he even resembles a goat. Maybe I'm wrong about United States even attacking Iran but it sure looks to me like Iran is willing to play their part in the prophecy. It sure sounds to me like Iran intends to make United States really, really, angry. If my assumption is correct, Daniel says that Gercia gets very angry. I believe the word he uses is choler. In his choler. The word choler is very explanatory. It's when a person gets so mad he becomes near insane from anger. I wonder what Iran does to Greece or America to make them so mad. Those whom study prophecy think the prophecy of Daniel has already taken place. Well, maybe it's just a case of history repeating itself. But my advice to this country is I'd take Iran's threat literal because it's my opinion that United States is the only viable country in the "End Times of the Lords indignation," that can and does traverse the face of the Earth without touching the ground to attack it's enemies. Now this brings us back to President Bush Jr. I have no doubt myself that we do attack Iran eventually. Which is by the way, a Democratic country, they elected their President, just like the country President Bush wants to spend untold billions and American lives to make Iraq into. Is President Bush the goat mention in the prophecy? I thought probably so and I also thought he was made mention of in Isaha .33 in a more complex and obscure prophecy. I thought he was the one whom attacked the wrong country in the first place. Although I'm not ready to concede my error in the Daniel prophecy I will concede I must have erred in the Isaha prophecy. The reason I would concede to the Isaha prophecy is that because whomever it is that is the Inhabitants in that prophecy, they get their iniquities forgiven them finally. The fact is this President is full throttle building up iniquities with no remorse insight. He certainly isn't getting them forgiven faster then he creates them. In fact it almost looks to me like he must hate the American people or at least the poor ol' Protestants. Right down to wanting to sale Americas resources to foreign governments, to putting all third world people on welfare at the expense of the Protestants of course, to inviting the Catholics to invade our nation from the south border. Pull the ol' Ronald Reagan farce, amnesty for illegals and fines for those whom hire new illegals, except those who exploited the newer illegal imigrant labor force never did get fined. It worked so well for one traitor it ought to work well for this one. Am I calling Ronald Reagan a traitor? I don't think he intentionally meant to harm the country. I believe he was probably just an Atheist claiming to be a Christian for Christian votes. I think he was probably an evolutionist, you know, like we teach our children in school to be. I think he like so many others think, that if there is a God, he is interchangeable, like one God fits all minds, it doesn't matter what you believe. His want for American business to do well clouded his judgment. He, like the Presidents of the last thirty years didn't understand where Americas blessings were coming from. Even though he did do some good things, I believe he will probably wind up listed as a traitor in the American Christian history books. Especially if the United States hits hard times and the back lash of his open border policy blows up in our faces. Because one things for certain, the Lord is not going to do away with his people, he's going to do away with those whom want to do harm to the Christians. So is President Bush Jr. a Protestant? From what I've seen of his behavior, I would think he was a Mexican-Moslem, if there is such a thing. I've seen nothing from him that would make one think he's an American or a Protestant. The problem with the Southern border can be fixed, just build another canal alongside the Rio Grande. It can replace the one we built for Panama and it may keep our women from being ravaged by strangers latter as is described in the Words of Isaha. But,,, prophecy must be fulfilled and well, your women are expendable as long as the Presidents of America can save an hispanic vote. Besides building another canal would take a lot of money is the main problem, it might deprive the people of Ham'mas much needed food they'll require in their drive to rid the world of Jews and Christians. All our enemies that we pay tribute to, they are all hungry it seems. I'm reminded of an old movie that was made in the sixties, it was called (The Mouse That Roared). It was about a tiny little country that went bankrupt and the only way to save their country was to go to war with United States. That is because they knew they could get welfare from United States if they went to war with her. I think the movie is probably a big box office hit in the Third World Nations. The only thing is, was this tiny little country had good hearted people running it. I'd almost have wanted to give it a dollar or two myself. It didn't have it's people running around saying we need your money to kill you with bullets we want to buy with your money. You see I'm of a notion that it's irrelevant whether they use our money to buy food and their money for weapons or our money for weapons and their money for food, it would still equal, Death to America! Do those words seem familiar to you? Death to America? They ought to. They're the words these same people yell out on nearly a daily basis. Yet our President wants us to put our children in debt so their bellies are nice and fat, their pockets are empty from buying bombs to kill American soldiers with. I wish President Bush Jr. well but he's painted himself into a corner and it's not going to be pretty when he has to move from that corner. He must think if he can get by the next two years throwing cash and American lives at his problem, that it will become someone elses problem. If he doesn't fix he's own mess then history will promise him bad publicity in history. His mess began because he disregards the Lords Word and takes up the words of the One World Order but the only problem with that is the One World Order doesn't last long in history, that's because the One World Order is Satans One World Order. There is going to be a One World King for ever and ever but don't confuse that with Satans call for a One World Order. signed the Elect.

Posted by The Elect at 10:57 AM CST
Updated: Wednesday, 15 March 2006 3:21 PM CST

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