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The Challenge
What is The Elect?
White House
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The Lord's Elect
Sunday, 9 October 2005
The Plaque
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Topic: Current Events
Well, now we've got a plaque to deal with we're told. A plaque we're told that is likely to kill millions upon millions. I was wondering what the Lords next move was going to be to put a fire under the tails of the inhabitants of the White House. I don't know how the President expects to quarantine any place in America with American troops, as he is suggesting. When it is that they will be the most likeliest carriers of this plaque. Seeing that they are not far from where this plaque is likely to be the outbreak. So not only are our men going to be taking bullets in their backs from an ungrateful people. Now they will be expected to bring a plaque back to their loved ones. The President probably thinks his iniquities is that he attacked the wrong country. Where as most the likely the Lord could care less about those people other then they had a perfectly good homicidal maniac keeping them under control and now the President has our enemies voted into office over there trying to bring democracy to Islam. As big of a mistake as that is, that's not where his iniquities lies. Anyone would have probably done the same thing. After all it's like the old saying goes get off the pot or take the dump. President Clinton must have like sitting on the pot but after 911 no one but a liberal would complain about taking the dump. Where the Presidents iniquities is, is that he's taking the bread from American children and giving it to the dogs. Building them schools and mosques so they can be taught to kill gentiles, infidels and Jews. That and he's purposely dragging his feet thinking he's going to make the Republican party look good, when actually he's making himself and the Republicans look worse and worse. I just wonder when the President is going to stop taking the advice of his nit wit advisor's, It is plain to see he's butting heads with the wrong Guy. The Lord has a much thicker skull. I know this to be true from personal experiance. As far as the Moslem's saying that God is punishing us with hurricanes, well they are right but they need to take a look in their own back yard and count the numbers up from the earthquakes. Thirty thousand from the Bam earthquake in Iran alone and they don't even have an idea yet of this newest one. Now getting back to our own leaders I'm just wondering how high the President intends to pile up he's iniquities. If you agree or don't agree it doesn't really matter. if the Lord is behind these continuing misfortunes of the White House then will know if the Lord agrees or doesn't agree if he keeps embarrising and punishing the inhabitants of the White House. Signed The Elect

Posted by The Elect at 1:49 PM CDT
Updated: Sunday, 9 October 2005 3:37 PM CDT
Saturday, 1 October 2005
Time Is A Factor
Topic: Current Events
I'm have to keep mentioning that the way the blogs are entered you should read entries from bottom up to keep up with what I'm'm talking about. What this entry is about is that for Isaiah chpt. 33 KJV to be matched up to current events then The U. S. troops have to be out of Iraq well before President Bush leaves office, that is because he has other things to do in this prophecy. That is if my perception of this prophecy is correct. Now with the division of the different factions in Iraq's new so called Parliament over there so called Constitution, leaves are military leaders saying we will have to stay in Iraq for years. Now anyone can guess that top Republicans including President Bush wants to drag this situation out till just before the next election. That is so he can claim a great diplomatic victory for democracy under the Republicans, while it's fresh on the voters minds. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of the White House plans, their popularity is dropping like a stone in water. If Isaiah chpt. 33 is a matter of current events and the inhabitants of the White House are dragging their feet. Which is what it's starting to look like to the entire Nation. Then if I were them I'd start buying a lot more insurance policies. I believe The Lord is responsible for the misfortunes that are beginning to plaque this administration. It just plain does'nt look good for an administration when you have two acts of God come in back to back especially if one levels out a populace city. I think if I lived in San Francisco, I'd be getting pretty nervous about now. It's just a matter of time before San Francisco gets hammered by an earthquake anyway for changing Gods Laws but you probably would just as soon President George Bush did'nt help you along with it. There are those now already making jokes about God and President Bushs misfortunes. I believe his misfortunes are going to escalate, to where even the atheists are going to start wondering about the existance of God and start getting nervous. Remember what was said in the prophecy The hypocriets are surprised and the sinners are afraid. Signed The Elect

Posted by The Elect at 9:15 PM CDT
Updated: Sunday, 2 October 2005 8:03 AM CDT

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