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The Lord's Elect
Thursday, 2 March 2006
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Topic: White House
I'm really not into politics myself, unfortunately for the Kings of the world, the Lord is. I couldn't help but notice that our Presidents approval ratings have reached a new low. It's really no wonderment, I don't know what he expects. First he turns the Supreme Court over to the Catholics then he tries to turn our sea ports over to the Moslem's. I wonder what the Protestants get out of the deal? Whips and chains? More taxes, fines and usury fees? I thought President Bush Jr. was a Protestant. Maybe he just couldn't find any Protestant lawyers that are against child sacrifices. Then there's the matter of the war against the wrong country. Seems President Bush Jr. has gotten our troops stuck in the middle of a civil war. The bad thing about it is though, is he will probably take the side of the Shi'ite Jihadists, you know those people that are trying to enslave the rest of the world. I wonder if his approval ratings will drop to mere percentage points before he comes to his senses. He kind of reminds me of a stubborn goat, trying to avoid piles of cow dung. Missing one pile and stepping into another. Then there's Vice-President Cheney. You would think he would be trying to position himself to be nominated for the Republicans choice for President. , it looks all the world to me like he's trying to get himself thrown into prison. I wonder what he's been doing to the Lord. He probably thought he was going to gain some political points with the National Rifle Association. To show off his prowess with a shotgun. Instead he winds up setting the N.R.A. back twenty years. In that split second just before he shot his buddy. I just wonder, if he heard a tiny little voice in his head saying Pull, pull, pull the trigger. The onliest one I've seen in the White House so far with what seems any kind of common sense, is Rumsfeld. I really don't know anything what-so-ever about him but the few times I've seen him in the news, seems to me like he's the only chance the have a beating the Democrats. It looks like to me, Dick Cheney will be doing good, just to stay out of prison. Now that brings us to the Clinton Gang. I don't know how the idea poped up out of nowhere like it has but in the news the idea that for the first time in Americas history it should be a woman being elected President. It seems like the thing to do. I find it interesting in Isaha, he talks about this one country ruled by women that makes the Lord very angry for not coming to Israel's aid in their time of need. Does that sound like something Hillary would do or not do? Seems to me in Isaha I read something about because of that he's going to throw a meteor into the Egyptian Sea. Well, it's more like a mountain, the same one I believe John seen in his vision. I think he says something like "In his wrath he punishes the Earth". Hillary certainly could be the onliest woman on Earth that could make the Lord want to punish the Earth. If she does get elected then it may be closer to tribulations then I suspected. I wouldn't wait to long before you decide who's side you want to be on. The Lords or President Bush's favorite the Moslems As far as the President goes, I think he and our politicians have been watching to many Star Trek movies. Because their attempts to turn this planet into a one world federation, under the banner of the Democrats/Republicans, is instead turning America into a Third World Nation. Well, till the next time I make another entry, I'll say good-bye. Signed, The Elect. Oh and I'll be just as curious as you to see what new disaster awaits the Inhabitants of the White House.

Posted by The Elect at 11:04 AM CST
Updated: Tuesday, 14 March 2006 2:30 PM CST

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