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Friday, 23 June 2006
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Topic: Assumptions

   Well, what does a guy know? It would seem the F.B.I. has found a gang of terrorist in Florida planning to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and a F.B.I. tower. Then there was the transgressors of the Law in California and in Canada, planning on blowing up some towers. I know you probably don't know what I'm getting around to here unless you read my previous entries the first one especially or the last one the way that entries are made in blogs. The fact is I predicted these events using Bible prophecy a couple of years ago. My entries prove it was well before they actually caught a batch of these heathens. Actually I've known that these events would transpire in my lifetime for quite awhile now or at least wise, I highly suspected that they would.

     Further more it is begining to look like that the F. B. I. did indeed take my advice and used the information in Isaiah chapter 33. However it appears to me they intend to deny they had recieved such help. So far they're claiming an infiltrator found these terrorist. They will probably give all credit to themselves. I guess that would save any reward money that may be due.  Enough of the sarcasm, the thing is the F. B. I. would know if I had been a great help to them. There is know way for me to know except unless the prophecy is further exposed. Meaning that Lebenon is cut down and Syria and Carmel shake off their fruits or bad apples, that  is how we Americans would put it and then there's the matter of  the enemy bringing down some more of our towers.

   Wouldn't it be funny if I have to take Uncle Sam to court and have the prophecies prove my case? Prove to the Atheist that the prophecies are a matter of fact? What won't be funny is if the F. B. I. has known for some time that Isaiah 33 had been a big help to them and they left me for the mesquitos and ticks. Whatever the case may be, there is something I may have over looked and that is at the begining of Isaiah chapter 33 where it talks about (when we cease to spoil those whom did not spoil us that is when they will spoil us). I assumed it was talking about George Bush personally, he and the inhabitants of the White House but I suppose it could have been talking about America as a whole.

   As egotistical as this sounds, I think that it could be very likely that President Bush may know about the prophecy and refuses to bring the troops back, in order to try and keep Isaiah 33 from being fullfilled. That may explain why he's willing to sacrifice all three branches of the government to the Democrats. To try to keep from being blamed for his errors. However, I got news for him.  If it is a matter of prophecy It won't matter if he keeps the troops there till his Term is up or not... What it will wind up for him is, that he'll be known as the coward that wouldn't take responsibility for the problem he created in his desire to teach Saddam Hussein a lesson.  Or was it because he took advice from some lying Islamic advisors?

George Bush issued a challenge, for anyone who knew how to fix his delima.  I will accept that challenge in my next entry.


Posted by The Elect at 12:30 PM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 7 February 2007 5:20 PM CST

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