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The Lord's Elect
Sunday, 4 February 2007

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Topic: What is The Elect?

   I suppose, if anybody does read this blog they would consider me to be very delusional,  I have to wonder about that myself.  Actually, I don't think of myself as being very special, I just think I'm one of The Elect.  Actually from my perspective, I even believe that President Bush is a big fan of this web site or at least forced to keep tabs on my writings as probably Homeland Security and probably the Arm Service Commitee as well as some Secret Services. It makes for insightful reading.

   What are the Elect, you may be wondering? I like most people who read the Prophets writings a lot, thought the Elect were the Christians in the end of days of the Lords indignation. Of course The Elect are Christians it's just that not all the Saints or Christians in the end times are of The Elect.

    I've come to believe that the Elect are the survivors of the world. That in the same way Noah and his family were saved from the flood, The Elect will be saved from the fires. One hundred and forty four thousand is the number, if I remember right.

   I believe after the host return with the Lord to end the reign of those whom want Satan to rule, that the Saints are put back to sleep a little longer, about a thousand years longer or taking into consideration that the world will be spinning one third faster fairly soon. That is if my preception of chapter 5 in Revelation is talking about the Earth spinning faster.  Too if that is the case then one can assume that the orbit speed may be increased as well. So exactly how many near future years they are asleep, only God can know. As a kinda foot note; I also feel that chpt. 5 of Revelations explains the so called missing six billion years from the Bible. I believe a planet sized comet has been coming around the sun every couple thousand years or so, and every great once in awhile gets close enough to the Earth to slap gravity tugs and spins on the Earth. Which could possibly mean that the first few days may have been very, very, very, very, long days.

  Whether I'm right or wrong, please don't be so fast to think ill of me. Consider a little of what I have to say, Oh and to read these entries in order, you need to start at the bottom of this blog page but It all makes for, hmmm, how can I put it. some sort of reading. Till the next entry signed The Elect.

Posted by The Elect at 1:51 PM CST
Updated: Sunday, 11 March 2007 5:14 PM CST

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